A4 Prints £5 (inc P&P*)

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Custom A4 Sketch £15 (inc P&P*).

A custom sketch is an A4 drawing of a single character. They are almost always head sketches and won't have any background or vehicles etc. Type in the name of the character you would like above the Paypal button.**

Custom sketch example:

Name of Character:

Custom A4 Illustration £35 (inc P&P*).

A custom illustration is an original A4 drawing of a single character. They can be a full or half figure and may have a little bit of background/envrironment, but nothing too crazy. Type in the name of the character you'd like above the Paypal button and write in any special requirements at the checkout stage.**

Custom illustration examples:

Name of Character:


*Free Postage and Packaging applicable within the UK and Ireland only. Email me for P&P costs for elsewhere. 
** I retain the right to refuse any commission. For example I won't be doing any sort of pervy pics... they cost a lot more! Any refusal on my part will of course be immediately refunded. The copyright for each piece remains with me and shouldn't be used without my permission. 
Disclaimer: The copyright for all the above characters belong to their respective owners and these prints/drawings are sold only on a personal level. If any of the copyright owners have a problem email stephen[at]