Friday, 15 February 2013

Promotarious Pt 2

The promotional whirlwind for Noe: The Savage Boy continues with a chat on the 2D Comics podcast. Some of you know I usually speak at the speed of light (your brain just need to catch up) but I think it's one of my slowest performances yet, so some of you might be able to finally break my brogue.

You can catch the chat with Ciaran over at Irish Comic News or download/listen directly here HERE.  

I'll also be attending the Heroes and Legends Imagine Nation event this weekend in W5, Belfast. There will be copies of Noe #1 and I'll be sketching all weekend. There's also a short Q&A panel with PJ Holden and John Paul Bove at noon on both Saturday and Sunday. 

Photo: A local creative on show at ImagineNation is Stephen Downey - a Belfast based comicbook artist and illustrator. He has worked in the comics and game industry for the last 5 years, with such clients as Lionsgate, Electronic Arts, BBC, Titan publishing, Atomic Diner and Print Media.

Should be fun!

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