Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Kapow! Sketches

I had a great time at the Kapow! comic con in London last weekend. The room was buzzing the whole weekend and my table was constantly busy. I only had a few copies of Cancertown (as much as my hand luggage could hold) but sold out by noon on Saturday and just about all my prints were gone by closing time.

I was constantly commissioned for sketches, with a small queue forming at a few points, and I've seen a few pop up online that I've posted below.

Daredevil for Stew

The Shadow for Alan

Iron Fist for Luke

Venom for Ben

I'll be at the FanSciCon in Dublin this Friday selling Cancertowns, prints and hopefully doing some sketches. I've added a little 'upcoming events box' to the left sidebar so you can keep up with my con season schedule. FanSciCon Sounds like a fun day, so I'll hopefully see a few of you there. 

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