Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I'm famous (and other stuff.)

Our Eggheads episode just aired on BBC2, which means I am now famous. If you didn't catch it, or for some reason want to relive it, you can catch it on the BBC iplayer for the next little while here.

In some comic news, my first creator owned graphic novel Cancertown, originally released through Insomnia Publications before their collapse, has now been signed with AAM/Markosia. Harry Markos and co. are now publishing and handling both Cancertown and Slaughterman's Creed (as well as numerous other projects from the disturbingly imaginative Cy Dethan) and I'm excited to see what they can do with the books.

I successfully completed my 24 hour comic at the weekend (coming in at at 18 pages). I was initially a little embarrassed to show the artwork as it looks more like scribbly layouts than a finished piece, but I put it up on talesofthe.com here and I've actually had some really positive feedback as word got out. Check it out if you will.

After a quick switch-around, having to book Aimee a later outgoing flight as she had an unexpected late test scheduled for that day, I'm really looking forward to BICS this weekend. Here's another illustration I'll be bringing along to try and sell. It's based on one of the panel's from the Wolverine sample script that I had a go at recently. You can see the pencilled pages in the portfolio section above.
If you don't actually know what I look like, I've put a current(ish) photo up on my twitter profile, so please come and say hello.

Yes, the Eggheads show was filmed in february and I have cut my hair since!

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