Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Potter's Wheel

A took on a few non-comics commissions a little while ago, one of which was to listen to the song 'Potters Wheel' by  John Denvor and to do one big illustration. Apart from that, I had no other direction. I could come up with any image, any style, any media; whatever they song influenced me to draw. 

Here is the piece I came up with:

This was too big to scan in one go; somewhere between a3 and a2 size, so in the process the top right looks a little blurry. 

Drawn initially with pencil, then with a pot Winsor & Newton black indian ink and a brush, a kuretake waterbrush filled with an ink solution and a set of Faber Castell 'Shades of grey' pens

Some work in progress:

Reference photo: 

Some pencils:

Inks before wash:

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