Friday, 14 May 2010

Tales of the Drawing Board.

I've been doing a few illustrations for some of the Tales of the.. projects. I hope everyone's been checking out the multimedia art showcase for Northern Irish creators, and now that our first theme; "Tales of the Cthulhu Quarter" has just wrapped up, I thought I'd show some of the work in progress over here.

Just posted this week was a very funny and romantic serenade to Cthulhu. After I'd heard Andrew Croskery's draft of the song I thought it would be nice to include a faux single cover to go along with the finished recording by The Party Band (Reggie Chamberlain King and Malachy Costello)

Here's the visual thought process from doodle to finished piece:

Check out the song here here

A couple of weeks previously I illustrated a frame for a Lovecraftian themed verse by Craig Smith. I took a little shortcut on this one and just drew half the frame. It just took a few lines in the middle to join up the copied and flipped halves to make one symmetrical piece.

Check out the full size readable image here

On the site there's also a Cthulhu comic from a few weeks ago and another unrelated comic coming up this Sunday that I didn't really have much of a creative hand in, so if you have an interest in comics you should keep up with the site, or subscribe to the RSS feed. I'm hoping to do a strip for the site eventually myself...


  1. I love that frame. I think I need to talk to you about a Cthulhu wholecloth quilt. It would be sooooo coooooool.

  2. Thanks Ferret :) Ohhh A Cthulhu quilt does sound really cool.