Friday, 7 May 2010


I wrapped up the bulk of my work for Slaughterman's Creed last week. That's another book, another pile of pages, and another year down.

All together for the project I pencilled 110 pages, 46 of which I inked and coloured 44, as well as the usual redraws and recolours of course.

Bringing on Andy Brown as inker and Vicky Stonebridge as colourist from ch. 3 onwards has been a godsend, as I fear I'd still be halfway there without them, and of course the book looks all the better for having them on board. Nic Wilkinson is sending me a PDF of the lettered book so far tonight and I cant wait to see what she's done with it. Cy Dethan is hoping to print out a copy to preview around at Bristol, so if anyone is heading over, you should be able to check out a good chunk of the book in progress.

I've still a couple of covers to do for the series, but the story is completely told and for the most part my job is done. Should have more details on a release schedule after Bristol, so keep your eyes on the blog.

Here's a little sketch of the slaughterman himself, I doodled post completion of the project.


  1. Just wanted to say thanks once again for all the hours you've put in on this book, mate. The results of your labours speak for themselves and, for my part, I consider myself incredibly lucky to have had this chance to work with you again.

    See you at Bristol - where I'll finally show you and Amy that magic trick I've been promising for the last two years.

  2. The pleasure was all mine :)

    Looking forward to witnessing the elusive magic trick :D