Thursday, 18 March 2010

Colour of fear... or maybe afraid of colour?

Happy St. Day-after-St. Patricks Day. Was out gigging (and drinking) yesterday so didn't get a chance to update the blog, or get much proper drawing done, but trying to make up for it today. Even if it was a late start.

I've been working on a commission illustration (non comics stuff) and was thinking of painting it using some of the materials my brother got me for Christmas. There was a mixture of watercolour, pencils and acrylics so I did a little paint test on a over quick ink Daredevil sketch. Please ignore the bad anatomy and consider this a painters pallet than a proper sketch as I really just wanted to have something to paint on rather than sitting making random inks and paint marks on a piece of paper.

I'm going to put a proper finished superhero drawing up here one day...

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