Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Vampires! Zombies! Cowboys!!

I've had this idea for doing a Zombie Western in my head for a while. I had mentioned it to Andrew Croskery at one of the Belfast comic creators meet ups, back when Kronos City was but a twinkle in his eye (and some very messy notes in a book; the guy writes everything on paper first then begrudingly types it up) and he was intrigued by the idea.

We were going to enter the Gaurdian comic strip competition with it and Andrew promptly wrote a 19 panel strip that would stretch over two broadsheet pages. Then of course I looked at the actual deadline and it was something like a few days away. I was in the middle of drawing Cancertown at the same time so unfortunetely it wasn't doable, but I had managed to work up some character sketches based on Andrew's script.

But never fear, I know by now you are virtually begging to see more of these characters, and you are in luck! We've reworked the script as a four page story and found a home for it in an anthology coming up next year. Andy Brown of Berserker comics will be painting over my pencils and it should make make for a nice collaboration.

Andrew also has some character designs (he's a bit of an artist as well you see) for a few of the characters so if you go over to his blog and ask him nicely he might show them to you.

Speaking of Andrew and Kronos City, if you havn't checked out the multitude of artist interpretations of Karl, the anorexic vampire, over on the Kronos City blog then you are missing out on some lovely art. Here's my own version (there are 13 more on the blog):
'Til next time.

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