Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Shades of grey..

I finished up my work on Bob Heske's Demented story for the 2012 Anthology last week and since the book will be printed in glorious black and white, I went back and greyscaled the whole thing. Didn't take too long (did all eight pages in less than 2 days) and I think it really adds a good bit to the finished look. Here's the panel I showed in my previous post with the added grey.
Tools used to add the grey were simply Photoshop CS4, my Compaq (that Aimee and her family bought me for christmas to replace my 6 year old Sharp that could barely run PS) and the Wacom Bamboo tablet/pen seen sitting on it. The Bamboo is the cheapest of the Wacom tablets, but does the job alright for greyscaling and colouring (I'm working my way through colouring Slaughterman's Creed at the minute). For those who don't know, these types of tablets are sensitive to the the pressure and angle of the pen, so you can get a brush-like effect; changing lines weight and size) but my dream tablet would be the Wacom Cintiq, with which you can draw onto the actual screen with the same sensitivity.

The background of my laptop is "Wally Wood's 22 panels that always work" that can give inspiration when you need a fresh angle o na page.


  1. Looking awesome Stephen! You're practically a one man comic producing machine now!!

  2. Thanks Mel,

    Its a lot of work though..


  3. Nice colouring. Really enjoying your latest process posts about your pens, setup, sketches, etc. Thanks for sharing this stuff.

  4. Sephen -I live and die by the 22 panels!!! ;-)