Sunday, 30 August 2009


Only a quick blog today, just back from surfing up in Donegal over the weekend and tired. Great fun, although Aimee almost caught pneumonia in the cold sea and I may have lost a few brain cells from catching a couple surfboards to the head.

I came back to find some nice suprises in my RSS feeds anyway:
  • I've been following Ferret's virtual tour of her quilt gallery at the 2009 Festival of Quilts, and eagerly awaiting more pictures of the Bad Rain piece on display. They were finally posted yesterday and you can see the Cancertown inspirded quilt in all its glory on Ferret's blog. You'll also find a quilt potrait on writer Cy Dethan, amoung other fantastic quilts such as Phoenix Rising and Heat.

  • I also found to my complete surpise some Cancertown sketches from Northern Irish artist Darren Reynolds on his blog. I love his interpretations and really hope to see them in person if he brings them along to the next Belfast comics creators meetup. I only really know Darren's art through his blog, but I love his style and really want to see more.

Anyway, here is a full panel of Slaughterman's Creed art (that I've cropped and been using for my twitter profile) in colour. This is Sidney, the Slaughterman, he's meant to be quite pale, but I think I might increase the contrast a little, just to make sure the colour definiton isn't lost when going to print.

Yes, you're next.


  1. Thanks for the comments and the mention. They're real fun characters to draw.

  2. The proper video is up and I think the guy liked your work :)