Thursday, 6 August 2009

It wasn't me I swear... I've been framed!

Just a few photos of Cancertown art at the Feile art exhibition, Westcourt Centre , 8-30 Barrack Street, Belfast running from now until 14th August 10am - 4:30pm:
Having artwork framed and hung on the wall at the exhibition makes you feel like a proper artist :)

Above is the first page I drew for Cancertown, back when having a full comic page completely finished was a big achievement. Because I'm a big sentimentalist (it could be a real word..), this one's not for sale.

Some of my art hung next to Sharon Morgan's (on the wall) and Kevin Quinn's ceramic celtic art (on the shelf). Ourselves along with Donal Daly are the four featured artists on display.

The top piece in this photo was always intended to be viewed vertically, (I thought Grey fighting against gravity after being knocked to the ground would convey a lot of energy and power to the blow) but since everyone else thinks its a horizontal piece, and I've been told it look better rotated 90 degress, I decided to hang it on its side. The bottom page is just a print of Bad Rain, one of the Cancertown double page spreads and the inspiration behind the Cancertown quilt, but I thought a bit of colour (by Mel Cook) would add to the exhibition and be a better representation of what's in the graphic novel.

I should have a bit of info on another project I'm involved with on Sunday so come back then...


  1. You are indeed a (senti)menalist.