Sunday, 2 August 2009

I'm an exhibitionist..

I'm taking part in an art exhibition thats starting tomorrow in Belfast. It's in association with the Belfast Feile and I'll be showing off a few pages of Cancertown.
It runs from 3rd to the 14th of August at Westcourt Centre , 8-30 Barrack Street from 10am to 4:30pm and I'll at least be in attendance on Saturday 8th as I'm doing some Traditional irish music workshops in the same building. There are a a select few pages up for sale (7 pages in all, and a couple I'm not selling)
There will also be a copy of Cancertown on display and you can order it anytime during the week if you havn't got a copy.
The listing for the event is only available on PDF form (or there are brochure books floating around Belfast) but its available on pg 92 of this PDF booklet if you don't trust me :)

Here's one of the pages that will be on display. Since i'm so nice, I'd thought I'd show you the pencils, inks and finished coloured and lettered page. Naturally the original art is only in ink so that's the version that will be at the exhibition.
Colours by Mel Cook and Letters by Nic Wilkinson on the above version. And I have to give Cy a credit too as he actually wrote the scene :)
I've had to name the pieces that I have on display so those who have read the book can play the fun game of guessing which pages are on display. if you think you know or want to hazard a guess leave and comment below and the grand winner will recieve... uh ...pride?:
1/Introducing Morley
2/ Corpsegrinders Grasp
3/ Crosshair's Gaze
4/ Evil twin
5/ Attack of the Strawmen
6/ Piecemaker
7/ Flashback
8/ Smash!
9/ The End
Hopefully have some photos of the gallery on Wednesday.


  1. Outstanding news, Stephen. Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  2. I guess I'm not allowed to enter the competition :)

    Attack of the Strawmen is one of my favourites. It really creeped out my mum!

    Good luck for the show.

  3. Thanks guys. Of course you can play :) Some may not even be the first image that springs into mind...

    Your poor mother. How could you frighten her so?