Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Very odds and sods.

I found a few odd things while I was tidyin today (a.k.a moving books from one table to another) so thought I's share a few oddities in the next few blogs (if I can keep up the courage to make them available to the public that is).
Here are a few drawings from a night at Dr. Sketchy's in Belfast. I missed last months being away on holiday (was Myths and Legends themed and would have been really good) so these are from the time before.
I had started off using my trusty mechanical pencil for these Dr. Sketchy's but soon realised that they looked really bland when you only have 4 minutes per sketch and fell back on the good old trusty sharpen-by-hand type. I've started using HB pencils in my comic pages again sparingly, especialy when I'm not 100% sure how I want an image to look. It gives that natural degree of variation so you can pick how much of the line you want to use when inking. Makes for a dirty page though.This following drawing isn't mine. It's Kronos City writer Andrew Croskery's portrait of me. Dr. Sketchy's helps you sketch faster because there's no time to think, you only get the length of one song (ocassionaly two) until the models swap round. That said, no one can sketch as fast as Andrew who prob took about 30 seconds to whip out this pic. Anyone who knows me can tell you I actually look like a male supermodel, so this is not an accurate likeness :P

In my pile of stuff I also found the drunken mash up that a lot of us created up in Sandinos bar at the 2D festival this year. I don't know if the general society is ready for it but I'll post it on Sunday and see if anyone's eyes survive the experience.

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