Thursday, 2 July 2009

Strange Q-con sketches

Couple more Q-con photos and Sketches:

Andrew Croskery at the Insomnia table.

A samuri committing Seppuku. This piece was comissioned as the nice loser price for an upcoming card tournament. Drew in the card details after the photo.

A con-goer drawn Arnie-from-Predator style. I added in some camouflage and detail after I took this photo.

Probably my strangest, challenging, yet most fun 'sketch' was the following two page custom Elmo story:

The fellow below wanted the strip drawn for his friend who couldn't make the con, and asked for it to be drawn in her own style of drawing (hence the manga-esch look). We met him on the Friday and he came back Saturday morning with a story. I had to cut it down a bit (the first version had something like 12 panels over two pages) but I think I managed to get everything he wanted in there in some form and I hope his friend enjoys it :)


  1. Wow - That's some mad stuff there!

    I expected you'd just be drawing your own characters.

  2. lol yeah so did I.

    But must keep the customer happy :D I did do a couple of Morley's and Badmouths but the Q-coners were for the most part a different breed than I'm used to.

    Really fun though :D

  3. Hey chicken!

    Your homage to Mr Elmo is top class! And thanks for the comments on my blog- I'm glad you like the character designs :-D I have put 'graphic novel' on my 'to-do' list, right beneath 'purchase small island nation' and 'host tupperware party' ;-)