Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I'm a big dirty cheat!

I've been experimenting with adding a few digital touches to my artwork in an attempt to a/ speed things up b/make it look more precise and c/so not to mess up the original page while experimenting.

This is an early panel from Slaughterman's Creed as it appears inked on the original hand drawn page:

And below is an ink splash I scanned (its in my Slaughterman's Creed 'tools' folder) and turned into a Photoshop brush. I now have my own custom 'blood' brush that I can change size, layer and shape around the art without making big splashy mistakes on paper (there's no undo when you cover up to much art with a big blob):
For the edited version below I filled in the blacks on the left just using a standard photoshop brush and the paint bucket tool, drew the tiles also using the brush (and holding shift which makes straight lines). I also added a bit of jitter in the brush options so the lines dont look too clean and photoshoppery.
I added the blood on a new layer with a couple of simple clicks (or taps with the wacom pen) on a seperate layer and erased the parts I wanted a little clearer. The blood being on a different layer also means it can be easily turned red at the colouring stage if thats what's needed. Lastly I used the rectangular Marquee tool and Stroke tool to tidy up the borders.
And done.
I'm away on holiday this week but I'll try to update on Sunday anyway. If not I'll update as usual next Wednesday.


  1. Very interesting to see how it is done. I like the fact that you can adjust the splash as required too. I think you might need to photograph some more splats so people won't spot the similarities in them. On the other hand that may not be a problem for those who don't work with repeating patterns all day :)

  2. Thanks guys.

    You can randomise the brush a little in photoshop and make it different sizes Ferret but yeah, I think I'm gonna have to go splashing and make some more :)

  3. You might want to take a look at my blog, Bad Rain is under way.