Wednesday, 24 June 2009

World domination...

In a bid for World Domination, Insomnia are hosting 3 simultanious Cancertown related events in 3 different countries this Saturday 27th June!

I'll tell you briefly about them here, but head over to Insomnia's blog, the red eye, for more details.

  • In England Cy and Nic will be selling and signing copies in Waterstones, Chemsford, England between 11am and 1pm.

  • Over in Scotland Crawford Coutts will be speaking at the Dundee Literary Festival and will be selling copies of Cancertown at the Insomnia Booth on Sunday as well.

  • And over here, Andrew Croskery and I will be hosting Insomnia's Stand at the Q-con, at Queens University Belfast, from 6pm this Friday night and all day Saturday.

The Q-con started off primarily as a gamers convention, with most of the crowd being Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, and console fans. Over the years they've expanded and they now have an artists alley, a comics section and a 24/7 Anime film theatre, but check out their site for more details.

Insomnia being the nice people they are have offered a triple prize of Cancertown, Layer Zero and Cages graphic novels to be won at some stage throughout the weekend. Somehow Glenn Davidson, one of the Q-con orgainisers, convinced me to do an A3 sized drawing to include as part of the prize also while he was picking up his book at the Belfast signing, so here's a look at it below.

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