Thursday, 4 June 2009

Fan Art

Cancertown got a full page write up/preview in this Months ImagineFX (issue 145 I believe). Cy has already posted a scan of the page over at his blog so i wont re-post it here, but I will draw your attention to the other article with which I was involved in the same issue.
The article was sbout Fan Art and its role in the industry. I've always had an eye on drawing something for Marvel or DC one day and so spoke a little about that (and I get the big quote of the page). It was also pretty crazy being on the same page as Adi Granov, artist of Iron Man and designer of the movie costume.
However having only actually published creator owned projects up until now, I thought I'd share a few interpretions of characters I'd created, drawn by other people.

The first person (artist?) to interpret my characters was actually my girlfriend Aimee who sketched them in my drawing book for a laugh. At first glance they look like the drawings of a 5 year old, but on further inspection I wouldn't be surprised if this comic style would be more popular in Europe than my more realisticaly proportioned characters.

I actually recieved my first proper 'fan art' from Andrew Croskery at the signing last Saturday. A weird twist considering I was the one meant to be drawing sketches for the attendees. Andrew is the writer of Kronas City currently in production from Insomnia publications and here he is holding his version of Morley, Crosshair and a Badmouth.

Apparently Andrew was the first Insomnia creator was was able to send rough sketches of his character along with his pitch. He told me that if only he could draw environments, perspective, full figures and tell a story he would have considering drawing the book himself. Being the awkward man that he is, he requested "a badmouth talking to a tooth" sketch. Here it is below. I've left the balloon empty as since he's apparrently a writer he can fill it in himself.

I did get two fan art requests of the day from Jennifer and her sister, who came along with their dad to the signing and asked me to draw a couple of manga characters. I forget the names of these characters (one may be called 'L') but you can see my very bad first manga attempt at Jennifers Deviant Art site.

And of course I can't go without mentioning the ultimate portrayal of my characters by another artist, in the form of paul Cartwrights incredible Cancertown cover.

Check back tomorrow for part 3 my daily blog-a-thon.


  1. my interpretation is the best of them all! (including yours!!)
    I'm hurt that you said they compare to a five year old's drawing... i thought it was at least a nine year old :(

  2. I feel left out so I am going to draw a fan art now :)

    Sorry - that is a bit of twisty scan of that page - do you want me to do a better one, and at a hi enough res to read?

  3. Your L attempt wasn't bad
    it was very good :D
    and the other character was naruto lol