Wednesday, 3 June 2009


So much has been happening lately that my bi-weekly blog aint gonna cover it all without clogging the whole thing up with images, so I'm going to be posting everyday until the weekend (Saturday probably being the day off as I'll be up in Derry for the 2D festival and rounding off with Sunday).

Anyway, here's some photos from the Belfast Cancertown launch/signing.
I found the first eager customer waiting just as I came down the stairs.

He requested Crosshair (particularly popular choice on the day)..

Before I had even finished the first sketch a crowd had gathered...

And kept growing..

Who each got a sketch.

As the sketching continued...

...the crowd quickly formed into a queue...

Some people had a bit of a wait for their sketch.

But I think everyone was happy by hometime.

Then there were drinks (and those photographs are not to be realeased to the public).
To be continued tomorrow...
Same Bat time, same Bat channel


  1. Awesome.

    And I love the rack full of Cancertowns in pic one and the empty rack the last photo :)

    What was the most requested Cancertown character sketch?

  2. Wow, that's a proper queue. You're going to have to think about hiring security, and a tour bus....

  3. Lol xD
    You can see part of me in the one with the crowd in a queue

  4. I think for those who had a preference Crosshair was the top pic. Couple of Morleys as well, and the last two of the day were for Babyface.

    Apparrently Aimee is my security. Actually at one point a few Emo girls ran round the side of the queue asking for hugs (apparrently one of them knew me from the music school) and I told them they had to go through Aimee first. They ended up running round and giving Aimee hugs instead lol.

    I have a few video stills of you and your family at the table Jennifer if you want me to put them up or send them to you.

  5. Cool, You can put them up :D
    I dont mind :)
    Oh and if you dont mind would be ok if you sent me them aswell?