Friday, 5 June 2009

2D festival

I'm heading up to the 2D festival in Derry/London Derry today. This was the first con I'd ever been to and sort of kick-started my committment to becoming a proper comic book artist. As I've mentioned elsewhere before, I'd always dreamed of becoming a comicbook artist when 'I grew up' but with music and studies had never quite made any real steps towards it.

I first heard about the Bristol and Birmingham cons through attending the panels (which in a good old Irish fashion are set in Sandinos Bar), which in turn led to hearing about the guys from Insomnia, which in turn led to Cancertown etc..

There are a great line up of guests including Rufus Dayglo; a great artist who has helped me a lot with my art, a bunch of the Eclectic Micks; Irish guys who draw comics professionally, Gary Leach; who gave me some great encouragement last year and Bryan Talbot; who of course wrote the foreward for Cancertown.

I'll be there both as a guest (which feels a little odd) and hosting the Insomnia table, along with Kronas City writer Andrew Croskery who will be showing off some character sketches for the upcoming Insomnia book. If you havn't got your copy of Cancertown I'll be bringing a few along to sell.

Have a look on the 2D website, for the full run down of events including workshops, panels, competitions, sketches and the comicbook open day. Every single one if the events is free of charge so if you like comics and aren't too far away you've absolutely no reason to not be there.

Blog-a-rama continues tomorrow after all, so come back tomorrow for something that isn't Cancertown or Insomnia related (for once).


  1. Aw come on, it has to be Cancertown related. We need to know how it did at the con. It's bad enough Cy hasn't said how Canturbury went. I can't have you holding out too.

  2. I wish I could attend this festival...or MoCCA or any other.
    anyway, I've just ordered my cancertown copy and I can't wait reading it !!
    wish you the best - keep being creative !!


  3. Haha I'm not telling ferret, but I'll tell you that I'm completely sold out of cancertown (and need more to fill a few orders :)

    Valium, I'm sure theres a comic con around somewhere you can get to. I'm sure you'll be flown over specially for some when your a professional :D Hope you enjoy the book!