Sunday, 31 May 2009


Had a brilliant Irish launch/signing yesterday in Forbidden Planet Belfast. It was planned for 2 - 4pm but the response was so great that I was sitting sketching and signing until closer to 5 o clock.

I had promised a sketch to everyone who turned up so my hand was aching by the end but it was well worth it :) I even had to ask a few of the people I knew personally if they wouldn't mind waiting until later that night for their sketch (at the post signing drinks) otherwise I would have been there until after closing time :)

There were a couple of challenging requests; from manga characters to self portraits. I drew my very first manga character for a budding artist Jennifer, who came along with her dad and asked me to draw 'L'. I think her manga is a lot better than mine (you can view her gallery here) but she appreciated the attempt as she writes in her short report on the event.

I'll have proper photos and more detail of the event with maybe a bit of video up by my Wednesday post, but for now here are a few of the sketches I drew later for the people I knew (and was able to scan).

Thanks again to everyone who turned up and hope you all had a good time :)


  1. Congrats on the signing man; i'm glad it went well for yeh.

  2. Awesome sketches Stephen! I'm so glad you posted them, otherwise I would have had to nag you to forward some to me!

  3. Thank you very much for putting in a link to my gallery and journal :D
    I have also put up your L picture on my deviantart so my other friends could see it ^_^
    Heres a link to it ->

  4. Thanks guys :)

    See you next week at Derry then Dec. Looking forward to the Micks bar conference lol.

    And nice to see you back blogging Mel. Its about time you were out and about on the web.

    No problem Jennifer, thanks for coming down on Saturday and taking the time to post :)

  5. Sorry I missed your signing, but you would have to have it on FA Cup Final day ;) Hopefully I can buy a copy of Cancertown off you at 2D next weekend.

  6. Dont worry Paddy I'll have copies at the festival. See you tonight anyway?