Saturday, 2 May 2009

The infection has reached these shores...

... No not swine Flu, but a much more deadly killer has reached these shores. That's right, Cancertown is here!

Just look at that thick spine. A lot of work was involved in the 150+ pages and its really good to hold the result in my hand. As I've mentioned before, the official UK launch will be at the Small Press Expo, the sister event of the Bristol comic con next weekend (Wow, so close!). We're also in the the planning stages of organising the Northern Irish/Irish launch at Forbidden Planets stores over here, which should happen a few weeks after.

The RRP on the back is £14.99, but if you want to cut out the middle man and order one directly from Insomnia you can get a fantastic deal by emailing Nic or if you prefer your Amazon-ness you can pre-order it from there.

Here's a little glance at the insides, I've only read a few pages in its printed form and even though I've been with the story from concept to digital lettered pages, its a different experience on paper. Can't wait to curl up tonight and revisit the world I'm already missing.


  1. Hi Stephen. It was good to catch up with you at the weekend. Thanks for taking the time to sign some books for me. I will get right to work re-homing them. Good luck spreading the infection.

  2. Hello, nice catching up with you too :)
    You've upped my anticipation for the badmouth quilt now :D

  3. I see me in the background of the photo!! You should really have photo-shopped me out... I swear I looked more interested when I was actually allowed near it!