Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Flat Fear

Only a few days to go until the local launch of Cancertown (reminder: this Sat 30th May, Forbidden Planet Belfast). It'll be my first proper signing session so hopefully a few people will show up :)

I've been getting my hand into sketch mode and here's a little Cancertown themed piece I pencilled a few days ago for the upcoming Fear anthology being produced by the folks at the 2D festival. I didn't bother inking this one and left it pretty loose, but its A3 size and still took about 3 hours.

No layouts or anything for this one. I had the image roughly in my head and just went staight to paper. I did look in the mirror on my table to get a decent expression though, so if you ever see me running scared from a barrage of Badmouths (I must mention to Cy that should be the group name; a litter of dogs, a pack of wolves, a barrage of Badmouths...) thats the exact face I'll be wearing.

Hopefully see a few of you on Saturday.


  1. Aw, mate - that is just fucking cool!

  2. Not been able to kick the habit then I see :)

    Looks great.

    Good luck at the signing at the weekend


  3. Is it still a signing if you're drawing? It's been bugging me for a while now. I kinda feel artist should get their own word.

  4. Thank you very much for the drawing of L.Lawliet :D
    It was very good for your first time drawing manga style ^_^
    My sister also says thank you for the drawing of Naruto :D

  5. Ferret, I agree, I think it'll be a Cancertown Sketch-a-thon! (and signing) next time :D Cheers for the compliments on my previous post as well :)

    Thanks for coming along Jennifer, I had a look at your gallery and your art is lovely. I'll be buying your comics in the future I'll bet. even if it is Manga :P

    Thanks as well Cy and Nic, I really enjoyed getting back to the Cancertown weirdness again for this piece :)

  6. No problem ^^
    Thank you for looking at my gallery ^^
    Lol x] i dont know if i'll ever get one made