Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Colour me suprised

Well who'd have thought, but the Cancertown profile has leaped again since the weekend.

A combination of word of mouth, great reviews and a little column called Lying in the Gutters, Amazon's stock of Cancertown has been completely wiped out. Reorders were quickly posted and should be at the Amazon warehouse now, so even if its out of stock on the site, you can still order and it will arrive in a few days.

Anyway here are a couple of colour Cancertown characters sketches (trying saying that 10 times fast). They weren't used for the project, just something I did for experimentation and don't compare at all to Mel's moody and gorgeous style. Some of these were done before Mel worked her magic on my pencils so they don't even match the colour designs in the book.

I also got news yesterday of Bryan Tablot's new project. As a lot of you know, the very famous and genrous Mr. Tablot wrote the forward to the Cancertown graphic Novel. His name alone has made it a lot easier to get Cancertown into book shops after the success of Alice in Sunderland. So without further ado I present the trailer for Bryan Talbot's Grandville:

Wow! I want that Graphic novel!
Well one day into my 'blogging every wednesday and Sunday' schedule and I'm on target. See you on Sunday if not before and I'll hopefully have news on the Belfast Cancertown signing.

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