Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Cancertown: Escaping to the real world

Wow, what a difference a weekend can make.

The Cancertown launch on Saturday went exceptionally well! Over the Bristol Comic and Small press expo weekend, Insomnia managed to sell around 150 copies of our little baby. We have to thank everyone who splashed down their hard earned cash and hope you enjoyed the book (at 150 pages long that a nice 1:1 sale per page ratio :)

Now that Cancertown is officially out there, you should see copies start to appear at your local waterstones and the best comic and book stores. If they're sold out locally you can get your mitts on a copy via the interwebs from Whatever Comics, Amazon or Waterstones.

Speaking of our proud sponsers, Whatever Comics, Cy Dethan and Nic Wilkinson will be signing copies at their store in Canterbury on the 6th June so if you want to adorn your copy with a golden signature you can pick one up there and then. We're in the process of organising a Belfast signing soon and continuing a Cancertown signing tour which you can follow on Insomnia Publications spiffy new website. If you're thinking of submitting a project or just want to check out ours, there's plenty on info up there too.

Also if you don't believe my hype, check out Ep 118 of the Geek Syndicate's podcast which includes a glowing review of Cancertown. I got a chance to catch up with the guys again this year at the Bristol Con and they're always a good laugh. Going to have to try to get my hands on a copy of Barry's Fallen Heroes (Special Edition) which has been picked optioned already and receiving great reviews.

Also thanks to Rich Johnston for the mention on LITG this week. His mention has certainly helped out our Amazon rating. Earlier today Cancertown was somewhere around the 20,000 best selling book on Amazon. How amazing is that! His coloumn is read by some high profile people and hollywood is already sniffing around the project. I wont say anymore in case I scud it but wouldn't it be nice to see a Cancertown movie...

I'm going to try to keep this blog updated more regularly. If not with ranting and ravings, at least a little bit of art. My goals are to have a new post every Wednesday and Sunday so check back tomorrow for something new.

Right, enough writing, here's some of the cancertown concept art you won't see anywhere else:


  1. Great meeting (and sketching) with you at Bristol and congratulations on your success!

    Well deserved!

  2. Cheers Simon, Can't wait to read Unbelievable :)