Sunday, 15 March 2009

I gots some compliments

"the visceral, hallucinogenic art of Stephen Downey working in tandem with the hard-bitten script"

Thats what the legendary Bryan Tablot wrote about my contribution to Cancertown: An inconvenient Tooth. He wrote a very complimentary foreword for the graphic novel, but since I'm selfish and promotarious* I've only cut and pasted the sentence about me.

You can however read the whole thing over at Cancertown writer Cy's Dethan's blog or indeed Insomnia Publications Blog where the contributions of all Team Cancertown get their mention and there are also details on how you can get your hands on the trade for cheap.

If you're too lazy to do that, you can always pre-order straight from Amazon!

*Yes I did make that word up . Its an adjective describing one who is 'self-promoting'. Its not neccessarily a negative trait, but a too much of it can be bloody annoying!


  1. I think Bryan absolutely nailed it with that "visceral, hallucinogenic" comment. What can I say, mate? You've brought my nightmares to life.

  2. That's my boy!

    Bryan Talbot is the daddy of creating alternate dimensions and hallucinogenic trips to other worlds.

    If anyone should know, it's him.

    Life size Crosshair went down a storm at the weekend. Never seen so much horrified fascination at a literary festival :)

    Keep it up.