Friday, 13 March 2009

Big Shiney Nose..

I have a thing about noses. All the shapes and sizes facinate me, but I'm really picky about which ones I like.

Found this little experiment I had done with digitally enhanced pencils, (or as some would call it 'digital inking', which it is not!) and stuck a big red nose on it.

Not much more to add than that :)


  1. Hey Stephen, the pages on the right here look great. Really nice work. When's it coming?

  2. 9th of May.

    But if you pre-order it direct from Insomnia, before 9th of May(either to pick up at the Bristol con, or to be posted to you) you can get it for the very special price of £10 (+p&p if it is to be posted) instead of £14.99.

    You can do that by emailing

    You can pre-order it on amazon as well - but that is full price.

  3. Hey Ciarán, just saw your post.

    Thanks for the compliments, looks like Insomnia themselves got to you before me :D